About Orthodoxy

The Orthodox Church is the first Christian Church, the Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ and described in the pages of the New Testament. Her history can be traced in unbroken continuity all the way back to Christ and His Twelve Apostles.

Incredible as it seems, for almost twenty centuries it has continued in her undiminished and unaltered faith and practice. Today, the apostolic doctrine, worship, and structure remain intact. The Orthodox Church maintains that it is the living Body of Jesus Christ, a continuum of The Church that Jesus Christ built on Pentecost in 33 AD with the teachings of the Apostles, and the Prophets of the Old Testament, as the foundation. 


Other Links and Resources

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The Orthodox Faith -  This series is intended to provide basic, comprehensive information on the faith and the life of the Orthodox Church for the average reader. The author is Fr. Thomas Hopko, Dean Emeritus of St. Vladimir's Seminary, Crestwood, NY.

Ancient Faith Radio - 24-hour online audio programming of Orthodox music, prayers, readings, lectures and interviews.

OrthodoxWiki - A free-content encyclopedia and information center for Orthodox Christianity.

Orthodox Information Center - One of the largest and oldest sites on Orthodox Christianity.

Colors Of Orthodoxy - Explanation of the different liturgical colors used in the Orthodox Church.



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